What Sports do you cover?

What is the Lead time provided to place wagers? (i.e., 2 hours or more, etc.)?
It varies. We usually post game analysis and plays by 10am EST. For VIP members, they get notified of these 7/8am EST. Plays can sometimes get sent days in advance and sometimes 5 minutes before game time. Because line moves happen throughout the day with injuries and lineup changes, we provide plays as soon as we identify an edge.

Are selections provided once a day or throughout the day? How easy is this to follow?
Plays are provided during our initial game analysis write ups. With certain line movements, injuries, or change to starting lineups, this may be updated throughout the day. Access members can view these updates on the website and VIP members are notified immediately via text and push notification.  It’s easy to follow, but take a look at the preview section on the website to see for yourself.

Are selections one unit each or variable staking?
John’s unit system is as follows:A LIKE bet is 3 units (or 3%) and a LOVE bet is 5 units (or 5%). 1 unit = 1% of bankroll. For example, if your bankroll is $1,000 you should be risking $30 on a LIKE BET and $50 on a LOVE BET.

Do you have a historical record for review?
You can view some historical data from our preview pages.  Our Instagram page also shows our current record and keeps an archive of all our picks via livestream so you can verify.

Do you take Venmo or CashAPP?
Yes we do. However, because these need to be processed manually, we require a minimum of 3 months’ payment. So for example, if you are interested in Access membership then it would be $270, VIP texts would be $450 and VIP+Access would be $600. We are currently working on a way for all members to pay weekly or monthly via cashapp. Stay tuned!