Manage Account

To login, click on the login link above highlighted in green.

To upgrade or sign back up, you’ll first need to login. Go to account->login (enter username and password). Now click on home->Become a member (select subscribe). Then complete first and last name and select Pay with Stripe. Check the box and click the Sign up button. Enter your credit card info then submit.

To change your email: Make sure you are logged in. Click on account, enter your new email address, then click the “save profile” button.

To cancel your membership– Make sure you are logged in. Then click on account–>”subscription” then click “cancel”. This will cancel any future billings for the subscription. You will have access to your account until the subscription period has expired. There are no refunds.

If you purchased your membership through the APP Store, please make sure to cancel your auto-renewal charge by using the following link:

Can’t view a page? If you keep trying to login and are taken to another login page, you are likely viewing a cached version of the web page. Simply click “refresh” and this should resolve the issue.

If you’re having trouble logging in, check to make sure you are logged out on all other devices. You will only be able to login from one device.

You will not be able to view protected content on our website if your membership is expired or inactive.

You can view the status of your membership by going to your account and clicking on “subscriptions”. Here you can see if your account is active or inactive. If your account is “inactive” then you will not be able to access the features on our website or app. You will need to resubscribe.

An account becomes “inactive” if an automatic payment is missed. Usually this is due to your card being declined or no balance remaining in your bank account.

Still Need Help? Visit our FAQ Page for answers to our most common questions. Or you can always contact support via text at (619) 363-0395